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banfan-genie-beekeeping-bee-imageBeekeeping can be a very interesting hobby that can produce some delicious honey. This hobby does take a while to perfect, and there are some basic guidelines that need to be followed to ensure success.

The Banfan Genie Beekeeping method is an easy to follow system to assist YOU in your beekeeping.


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So What’s The Most Effective Way To Keep Bees?

1. Ensure You Have Enough Space:

The key step in beekeeping is to ensure you have enough room to keep bees. At the very least, you will need a reasonable sized backyard to set up your hives. If it’s too small it may bably effect your yield.

2. Make sure You Have Natural Food Sources:

You will need to have viable food sources close your hives. If the bees don’t have adequate food they will not survive, or and not produce sufficient honey. Take a quick look around  there are plenty of trees and other flowering plants close by. Some types of bees may be willing to travel a short distance for food, most will need it close to the hive.
3. Build Proper Hives:

The biggest reason most people fail at beekeeping is due to badly built hives. You will need to make sure you have well-made hives that are setup properly so you can easily access the combs, without harming the bees. You must keep the bees comfort and space in mind at all times.

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